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How does Efotolab.com work and what will you do for me?

Simply put, a member photographer creates an event site in our system, photographs the event and uploads low resolution images to the event site.

The moment your low resolution files are uploaded, the photos are available for viewing and ordering. All of the customers that registered for the event are notified via email.

Your high resolution files, which we use for printing your orders, are shipped to us in a prepaid mailer that we supply. We do everything else!

Our Goal is to help you grow your business and increase your income! By exposing your images to a larger audience you will see your sales grow immediately.

  • You set the pricing that is charged to your customers.
  • We handle everything else! We charge your customers, collect the funds, and deposit your *profits directly into your bank account.

See a demonstration:

If you would like to browse through our site, log on using the following demonstration accounts we've set up:

  • To see the system as a photographer:
    Go to the efotolab.com home page and in the PHOTOGRAPHERS section login as:

    Username: photographerdemo
    Password: demo

  • To see the system as a customer, first clear your cache and cookies, then:
    Go to the efotolab.com home page and enter the following in VIEW EVENTS:

    Event Name: sample wedding
    After you enter the event name you will be brought to a customer login screen:

    Username: customer
    Password: demo

*Our fee (print cost + order processing/handling fee) is deducted from the gross sale prior to depositing into your account. The current order processing/handling fee is 8.75% for plans with a monthly fee. Plans with no monthly fee have a service charge of 15%

This fee covers all business operating services provided by efotolab.com (These services include, but are not limited to merchant account maintenance, credit card processing fees, and account management/customer service).

**Funds are deposited on a monthly basis.

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