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Answers to Some Common Questions

Below are some common questions that we receive from photographers. Just click on the question for the answer. To hide the answer simply click on the question again. And as always if you've got a question that you don't see the answer for contact us at info@efotolab.com

Efotolab.com has several plans to choose from. There is a one time set-up fee of $49.95, after the initial set-up you will be billed monthly based on the service plan you select. You can change or cancel your service plan at any time. Review our Plans
We currently charge a commission fee of 8.75% to 15% on all gross orders you receive depending on the plan you choose. This fee is used to cover the credit card bank merchant processing fee, system maintenance and customer service. A lot of our photographers factor this cost into their reprint prices.
There are several ways to get your files to efotolab.com; while bandwidth and network speed are always increasing, digital camera files continue to get larger. Until available bandwidth is at a point where large files can be uploaded with a reasonable amount of speed, uploading large files via the web or FTP will be a relatively slow process.

We have performed a lot of testing and have determined that the fastest way to get your images online and ready to accept orders is by using our proprietary software to categorize, resize, watermark and upload your thumbnail images via the internet. We highly recommend that you have a DSL or Cable Modem connection in order to maximize available bandwidth. Dial-up connections are too slow and volatile for moving large amounts of data.

After the thumbnails are uploaded, you mail a disk (CD/DVD) containing the high-resolution files in a prepaid mailer that we supply to all of our photographers. Simply complete a job submission form, mark the disk with the event name (as you set it up in our system), put it in our prepaid mailer and drop it in your mailbox.

On average we will receive your disk in 3 to 5 days and the high-resolution images are then placed on our servers to handle all of your printing needs. We can accept orders prior to receiving your high-resolution disk. Any orders we receive prior to receiving the high-resolution files will be placed in a queue until we receive the disk.

As an added level of precaution we will hold your disk on hand as a back-up in the event we cannot access our servers. Once an event is expired we purge all of the related image files off of our system.

Please keep in mind we are not an archiving or back-up service. It is important that you always retain and back-up your original files.
Absolutely…we are a full service lab that handles many photographers who are shooting film. For an additional fee we can process your film, scan and upload for you. We will retain your negatives for printing purposes as long as your event is active. Once your event expires we will ship your negatives to you.
All orders are processed in 2 to 3 days and shipped overnight if you or your customer selects Express Delivery, 2 to 4 days for Priority Delivery and 3 to 5 business days if First Class Delivery is selected.
When you set up an event in the system, you will determine how long an event will be available to your customers. We recommend that you make your events available for at least 90-days. This way you give your customers ample time to place orders.

Our monthly fee includes up-to 90 days posting for a given event, although you may increase in monthly increments for a fee.
Our member photographers have the ability to create an unlimited amount of unique price lists. When you set up an event in our system you assign the price list that you want to use. You can have price lists for different types of jobs (weddings, corporate events, or even your commercial work).

Efotolab.com deducts our charges to you (actual print cost + commission) and sends you a check once a month for your net sales.
Currently we accept jpeg files only for printing.
Your customer places an order and we do the fulfillment for you. All orders are carefully packed and shipped via various popular carriers. We are directly linked to our carrier's sites, that way your customers can track their shipments online.
We offer several options for proofing. The most popular proofing method is 4x6 prints. Check out all of our proofing options?
No inkjet prints here! Efotolab currently uses machines designed and built by Agfa. The Agfa D-lab is the most advanced piece of photographic printing equipment on the market today. The D-Lab uses a laser to expose an image on light sensitive paper, which is then processed through a standard RA-4 chemical process. Our larger poster size prints are produced on a Chromira printer, which is a similar technology to the D-Lab. The image quality from these printers is unequaled in the industry.

We use high-quality Fuji photographic papers for our printing.
Even if you don’t have a website you can use efotolab.com to increase your sales volume.  Efotolab.com gives every member photographer a custom landing page and unique URL, such as www.efotolab.photographername.com.  You can give this URL to your customers to access your events.
Yes, you can set up a link on your site using the URL for your efotolab.com landing page.
Each of our member photographers has a home page on the efotolab.com site. You can link to this page via your website creating a seamless transition for your customers.
Since our system is web based you can log in from any computer and check on your accounts and sales and run reports. Our PC/Mac utility is used for managing your events, including price lists and event specifications so uploading must be done from the computer you use for this purpose.

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