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Horatio Franco - Studio Four Photography

Horatio Franco, Studio Four Photography
Bradenton, FL

As a photographer, the last thing I want to worry about is hosting, printing and shipping images. Efotolab.com takes care of that for me flawlessly, so all I have to worry about is bookings and shooting weddings. My brides are happy and extremely impressed with their quality and turn around time?

I shoot, I upload and I get paid…Exactly what their slogan says!

Scott Ellis - Ellis Photography

Scott Ellis, Ellis Photography
Wilmington, DE

Everyone that looks at my images on your site says that they love the user friendly ease and the customer service efotolab.com provides. The quality and quick turn around time is so superior to any other labs I have used in the past (which includes a few of the so called "biggest" online services out there) I wish I started uploading sooner.

You simplify my life and give me more time to create- which is what I love to do.

Angela Sweeney - ABS Photograaphy

Angela B. Sweeney, ABS Photography
Summit, NJ

Photography has been a passion of mine since childhood. I started my photography business in 2006 and the last thing I needed was to ruin my passion for photography with endless paperwork and invoicing to clients. Efotolab has been extremely instrumental in helping me secure a more impressive and professional resource for my clients to view and purchase their images. I am grateful to have found efotolab.com, their excellent helpful staff, and the best quality development there is. Can't ask for more than that!!! I love it!!

Jen Chau - Jen Cau Photography

Jen Chau, Jen Chau Photography / The Actors Head Shop
Los Angeles, CA

"Efotolab.com has made post-production a breeze! With their client-friendly and intimate approach they have included my needs into the development of their system which has cut down the amount of grunt work for the various types of photography that I do. They have been amazing by keeping my clients happy by providing personal customer service both on the phone and online. The best thing is I do not have to sit in L.A. traffic to drop off, pick up or deliver anything."

Terry Zorich - Event Now Photography

Terry Zorich, Event Photo Now
Wilmington, DE

"...the box mounts arrived on Friday, just in time for the weekend! They are beautiful, and I got a lot of compliments from customers on them at our event yesterday. New products usually take a short while to catch on, but then there's a snowball effect, as satisfied customers tell their friends about the new products..."

I greatly appreciate the service you guys provided thus far! Well above expectations!

Rob Nicholson - Humbled Photography

Rob Nicholson, Humbled Eyes Photography
Wilmington, DE

"Efotolab's box mounts have allowed me to further break the mold from the traditional frame, matte and print combinations. The box mounts have helped my business stand out in this highly competitive 'game' of wedding photography."

I greatly appreciate the service you guys provided thus far! Well above expectations!

Ava Hoover - Ava Hoover Photography

Ava Hoover, Ava Hoover Photography
Berkeley Springs, WV

Efotolab has become my best friend! The programs are easy to use and run fast. It's user friendly for my clients to navigate the site. Their prices are very competitive and the customer service is fabulous!!

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