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Efotolab.com Reduces Print Pricing, Eliminates Required Subscriptions for Professional Photographers
Photographers can store and sell images online more easily and inexpensively than ever before.

Wilmington, DE, March 26, 2007 — Photographers can now upload up to 1,500 images for free and pay a commission only when they sell a print through efotolab.com's new LTD pricing program.

“We designed this pricing package to help professional photographers who want to try online hosting and photo lab services without having to commit to a monthly hosting fee,” said efotolab.com President Joel Plotkin. “We continue to refine our pricing to ensure photographers-from those new to online photo sales to experienced pros-have the best opportunity to increase their revenue.”

Photographers opting for the LTD program will have full access to Efotolab.com's world class image storage system, e-commerce capabilities and professional digital photo laboratory, Plotkin said. Through the program, photographers pay a commission only when they sell a print. As the photographers' online sales increase, they can move into a plan with a fixed monthly fee if it better suits their changing needs.

“As always with our service there are no commitments or contracts and our members can change their plan to fit their needs,” said Plotkin, who has worked as a professional photographer for more than 18 years.

Efotolab.com has also introduced efotoFast direct prints. EfotoFast prints are specifically designed for members who manage their color correction in-house.

“Print costs are significantly lower for photographers using this service,” said Eric Russell, Vice President of Lab Operations for efotolab.com. “As one example, the cost of a 4-by-6 print was reduced by 85% for members using efotoFast.”

The LTD and efotoFast programs are just two of the latest examples of efotolab.com's ongoing effort to help photographers take advantage of the revenue opportunities available through online sales, Plotkin said.

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Efotolab.com is the Professional Photographers Online Lab and E-commerce solution and offers a complete online sales solution, including a full line of photographic printing products, online book design and printing, image hosting and sales management tools for professional photographers. Efotolab.com operates its own lab. For more information, visit www.efotolab.com.

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